ITS for Urban Mobility



SmartParking has been devised as an intelligent system for advanced monitoring of free parking lots in outdoor car parks. The system is also applicable indoors. Based on a monocular camera, SmartParking can provide real time monitoring for up to 20 parking lots simultaneaously. Self-calibration functions are included to endow the system with adaptabiity to zoom or motion changes.



SmartCross has been devised as an intelligent system for advanced management of traffic lights at pedestrian crossings. The system watches not only the crossing area but also the pedestrian waiting zones on the sidewalks. With an all-weather, all-illumination condition design, based on stereovision and infrared illumination, SmartCross is intended to improve urban mobility by adapting the trafiic light phases as a function of traffic and pedestrians conditions. In addiition, SmartCross provides great savings in fuel energy and, consequently, a significant reduction in gas emissions.



RoundWatch is a monocular-based system for traffic monitoring in roundabouts and intersections. The system detects and tracks cars, motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians. Provided with an autocalibration tool, RoundWatch is a plug-and-play solution for efficient reuse of already existing cameras in the infrastructure. Traffic flows and queues are measured separately for every branch of road in the scene, providing anticipated information for adaptive traffic management control at intersections ruled by traffic lights.



LogoInspec is a complete solution for integrated recognition of vehicle logo, licence plate and vehicle branch. Recognition is done on-the-fly using off-the-shelf cameras. Ideal for tolling management and access control in car parks and restricted areas. A database with vehicles from the most popular car makers is available.