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The INVETT (INtelligent VEhicles and Traffic Technologies) Research Group carries out its activity in the area of last-generation sensors for 3D High-resolution perception as well as intelligent systems at large. The application domains of these technologies are Intelligent Transportation Systems, Intelligent Vehicles and Smart Cities. Among our priorities is the development of advanced perception and navigation systems for last generation driverless vehicles in urban environments, a task in which only those who are able to mimic human behaviour will succeed. Other topics of interest for INVETT are the development of intelligent systems for improving urban mobility and for contributing to the development of smart cities. Our history of collaborations with public and private institutions supports our work in these lines.

Intention prediction applied to VRUs

Keypoints Detection and 3D Vehicle Modeling

Intention Prediction applied to Vehicles

LiDAR-based autonomous driving

Cooperative Autonomous Driving

Behavior modeling

Road structure analysis

Vision-based speed detection

Semantic Segmentation using 3D Sensors

WiFi Localization