Driverless Vehicles

MPC controller demonstration of DRIVERTIVE

GRAIL is a Green Assistant A demonstration of an MPC controller applied to our autonomous vehicle DRIVERTIVE

GRAIL - Intelligent Interaction with Vulnerable Road Users

GRAIL is a Green Assistant Interfacing Light that provides an Intelligent Interface between Self-driving Cars and Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), namely pedestrians and cyclists. GRAIL is activated whenever a VRU is detected by the vision-based system onboard the car. The Green light acknowledges the presence of the VRU providing them with a feeling of safety and control when entering the road.

Drivertive - DRIVERless cooperaTIVE vehicle

DRIVERTIVE is a driverless cooperative vehicle developed at the University of Alcalá intended for autonomous operation on urban areas and highways. DRIVERTIVE won the Prize for the Best Team with Full Automation in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge in the Netherlands in 2016.

DRIVERTIVE performing at GCDC 2016

DRIVERTIVE (DRIVERless cooperaTIVE) vehicle performing at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) 2016 at Helmond, the Netherlands, May 2016. Platoon merging and management of intersections are shown in this video, summarizing the performance in GCDC 2016.

Driverless Bus with Pedestrian Avoidance

Autonomous bus driving automatically based on GPS and laser featuring pedestrian detection and avoidance capability. Demonstration carried out in the 2012 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, in June 2012.

Autonomous Car featuring Stop&Go

Autonomous car exhibiting driverless navigation in a network of unmarked roads using monocular vision and GPS. Vision-based vehicle detection is implemented.

Lane Keeping

Autonomous driving on marked roads using monocular vision. Demonstration carried out in the 2002 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium in Versailles, France, in June 2002.