3rd-4th May 2016

I've been invited to present my work at the Symposium "Challenges of Fingerprinting in Indoor Positioning and Navigation" organized by the UOC in Barcelona.

WiFi-based Indoor Localization Using a Continuous Space Estimator From Topological Information

Abstract: Many smartphone and tablet applications make use of the localization capabilities of mobile devices in what are called Location Based Services. To be able to provide this kind of services, a reliable and real time identification of the user location is needed. This localization has been traditionally carried out through GPS, however providing indoor localization requires the use of other technologies. WiFi-based fingerprinting systems are a common choice for this purpose. The problem with this kind of methods comes with the need of site-survey the environment which is effort-consuming. The objective of this conference is to introduce an approach, based on Support Vector Regression, to estimate the Received Signal Strength at non site-surveyed positions of the environment. The proposed method could be used to improve the resolution of fingerprint-based indoor WiFi localization systems without increasing the site-survey effort.